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Teach the Researcher 2023 - Error Mitigation

Recordings of the virtual Teach the Researcher series on Error Mitigation in Qiskit Runtime: Advanced Methods and Applications.

About This Course

This course follows the IBM Quantum Teach the Researcher event held virtually from June 14-16, 2023. This event, organized by Johannes Greiner, consists of presentations on error mitigation techniques, leveraging Qiskit Runtime primitives and options. This includes background on error mitigation, as well as exciting new capabilities using IBM Quantum hardware and software. Speakers include:

  • Johannes Greiner - Overview
  • Ian Hincks – Zero Noise Extrapolation (ZNE)
  • Max Rossmannek – Examplary use of ZNE in publication
  • Mariana Bernagozzi – Probabilistic Error Cancellation (PEC)
  • Sarah Sheldon – Error mitigation in quantum utility

This is a self-paced course that will take 7-10 hours to complete.


This technical course is designed for partners with a firm understanding of basic quantum computing techniques. Familiarity with Qiskit, and some familiarity with quantum mechanics (such as quantities of interest and constraints) are assumed. Prior in-depth understanding of error mitigation is not required.