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Startup Kickoff

Recordings of the IBM Quantum Startup Kickoff Events.

IBM Quantum Startup Kickoff Recordings

Learn how your company can get the most out of the IBM Quantum Startup Program as we present our program offerings, technology roadmap, upcoming events and more.

About the Speakers

Stefan Elrington is the Global Startup Lead for IBM Quantum where he manages the startup program, and partnerships with QC startups. Prior to IBM Quantum Stefan earned his PhD in Physics from Yale, and also developed go-to-market and growth strategies for clients while at the Boston Consulting Group.

Justice Calderón is the Startup Program Manager for IBM Quantum where in his role, he focuses on strategy and development for startup program offerings and structure. Before joining IBM Quantum, Justice completed his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder and spent time as a Solutions Engineer at Deloitte, where, he managed quality testing for software implementations for clients.

Paul Nation is a Research Staff Member in the IBM Quantum team at the T. J. Watson research lab in Yorktown Heights New York. He is the Director of Partner Technical Enablement, helping members of the IBM Quantum Network get the most out of IBM Quantum systems and services. He also works in the area of software development, with a focus on numerical methods and scientific visualization techniques.

Gilad Ben-Shach leads the Product Management team at IBM Quantum. He previously built out IBM Quantum's Ecosystem program. Prior to IBM, Gilad earned his PhD in physics from Harvard, and worked at the Boston Consulting Group and a health care startup.

Marco Facchini is the Offering Manager for IBM Quantum Systems, where he helps to bridge quantum solutions to client needs. Marco earned his PhD in Electronic Engineering from K.U.Leuven, and has contributed to defining and enabling IBM and GlobalFoundries silicon technology as a hardware and software engineer, a product owner and a career mentor.